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Legendre Energy, actively involved in energy transition in France and abroad

Created in 2007, Legendre Energy brings together all energy-related activities of the Legendre Group (€850 million – 2,300 employees).

Founded on the belief that renewable energy production and consumption control are the solutions to our reliance on fossil energy resources, Legendre Energy works hand-in-hand with the group’s other two business lines, i.e. construction and real estate.

As a result, the creation of Legendre Energy strengthens the company’s strategy by integrating energy efficiency into all projects.

Legendre Energy, with a registered office in Rennes (France), currently employs approximately fifty people.

The company boasts more than 650 references and works with a variety of clients:

  • Local authorities
  • Businesses
  • Industries
  • Hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Medical professionals
  • Farmers
  • Homeowner associations
  • Energy producers

Energy is at the heart of buildings and territories

The energy sector is undergoing actual changes, with the growth in the renewable energy market which is reaching full technological and economic maturity. The energy bill, which constitutes a substantial part of the operating costs of a building or infrastructure, is now fully integrated into a business strategy or into the budget of a local authority.

A comprehensive range of energy solutions for our clients

For more than ten years, Legendre Energy has committed to a clean economy by optimising the energy potential of our natural resources.

Legendre Energy has developed an offer dedicated to the development of new services to make buildings energy efficient. From design through to operation, down to construction and financing, the company provides its clients with a comprehensive, turnkey offer. To this end, Legendre Energy is structured around two business lines:

These two areas of expertise create actual solutions to manage energy as a whole and on the scale of a building, even a district: reduce, control consumption, and maximise the production of energy from renewable sources.

Key dates

December 2007

Legendre Energy, a company dedicated to renewable energy, was created by Pascal Martin in association with Jean-Paul Legendre, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Legendre Group. Legendre Energy then established its head office in Vern-sur-Seiche (35).

December 2010

Legendre Energy opens a second agency in Saint-Herblain (44).

June 2012

Acquisition of the ESBIM company in Poitiers (86). Armorgreen is thus establishing a lasting foothold in Poitou-Charentes.

August 2012

Start of work on the Halle Pajol for the city of Paris (75), one of the largest urban photovoltaic power plants in France.

May 2013

Legendre Energy’s teams are commissioning the Halle Pajol solar power plant for Paris city (75). They are also building two solar parks totalling 5MW, in Foussais-Payré (85) and Cazaubon (32), supported by SERGIES, a local semi-public company based in Poitiers (86).

January 2015

Legendre Energy decided to expand its activity and specialised in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy production plants and the multi-technical management of buildings.

July 2015

Legendre Energy takes its first steps internationally and expands into North and West Africa.

April 2016

Commissioning of 10 megawatts of solar photovoltaic projects: ground-based power plant at Poiré-sur-Vie (85), the roof of the Sancoins cattle market (18) and the solar roof of the Autre Usine in Cholet (49).

February 2017

The company launches a solar self-consumption offer. This new service allows the building to consume directly the solar energy produced by the photovoltaic installation.

December 2017

Commissioning of solar power plants at Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (1 MW) and the Eau de Paris’s reservoir (1.8 MW).

December 2018

Expected commissioning of the solar power plant on the roof of the Nantes National Interest Market. Legendre Energy has a total of 550 projects, with 100 MW installed and 130 MW under maintenance.

June 2019

The solar power plant at the Nantes National Interest Market (5600 kWp) is commissioned.

December 2019

Legendre Energy has over 600 projects, with 120 MW installed and 150 MW under maintenance.

February 2020

Legendre Energy expands in the South of France by entering the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Nouvelle Aquitaine regions.

July 2020

Legendre Energy installs its first solar power plants in Sierra Leone on behalf of a Non-Governmental Organisation. These two photovoltaic installations, installed on roofs and on the ground, have a total power of 650 kWp.

December 2020

Legendre Energy has installed 80 solar power plants on behalf of large and medium-sized retailers, becoming one of the leaders in solar self-consumption in France.

May 2021

Legendre Energy commissions the solar power plant on the roof of the E.Leclerc d’Atlantis in Saint-Herblain (44), which totals 1.7 megawatts, thus becoming the largest photovoltaic installation carried out on behalf of a supermarket.

October 2021

Legendre Energy will be the main photovoltaic operator of the future Etoile eco-district, located near Geneva.

As part of this project, Legendre Energy, UrbanEra and Urban Solar Energy, have signed a framework agreement for the supply of 10,000 m² of photovoltaic roof panels, representing an energy production of 2,000 MWh/year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,100 homes.

December 2021

New location for the Legendre Energy teams in Rennes.

Based at the Mabilay in Rennes for over 6 years, the Legendre Energy teams are now located at the Legendre Group headquarters.


January 2022

With 25% of the installed volumes*, Legendre Energy asserts its leader position on the French self-consumption market.

*Self-consumption solar projects over 36kWp.