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Join Legendre Energy? Become an actor of the energy transition and support our customers in their sustainable development projects!

Join Legendre Energy? Imagine the world of tomorrow!

Legendre Energy supports its partners and customers in their energy transition process. We believe in the future and in our ability to improve the world of tomorrow by reducing our carbon footprint.

Thanks to the three areas of expertise of Legendre Energyie, namely the production of renewable energies, the management of solar assets, as well as the maintenance and operation, we are committed to supporting stakeholders in their sustainable development projects in France and abroad. ‘international.

Do you share these values ​​and ambitions? Join the Legendre Energy teams.

Join Legendre Energy? Become an actor of the energy transition and support our customers in their sustainable development projects!


Become a player in the energy transition!

“Legendre Energy is continually committed to the energy transition. At the heart of environmental issues and in synergy with the ambitions of the Legendre Group, Legendre Energy is rethinking the consumption patterns of its partners and customers. We are looking for ambitious and creative collaborators to imagine the world of tomorrow.

If you want to participate in the sustainable transformation of territories, do not hesitate any longer and join the Legendre Energy teams! “

Pascal MARTIN, CEO of the Legendre Group


Live the Legendre Energy adventure!

Integrating Legendre Energy is above all adhering to a state of mind. It is having the ability to adapt and innovate to imagine a “greener” world. Beyond mastering your profession, you think collectively to move forward together and with kindness. The sharing of our individual skills and collaborative work allow us to carry out large-scale projects and develop our expertise.

Do you like to collaborate and think that there is strength in unity? Take part in the Legendre Energy adventure.

Alban CASIMIR, Legendre Energy’s Director


Why choose Legendre Energy?

Choosing Legendre Energy means thinking that Energy and Building are two inseparable sectors. My career at Legendre Energy has taught me that the quality of our achievements is linked to our ability, internally, to integrate all the skills required to master all phases of a project (development, installation, operation).

Want to be part of a dynamic company? Join the Legendre Energy teams! »

Nicolas ROLLAND, Legendre Energy’s Sales Manager


Take on challenges that match your ambitions!

Joining Legendre Energy means growing within a caring and ambitious team. Exchange and sharing are essential values ​​for us in carrying out our operations.

Do you want to lead and participate in renewable energy operations? Join our teams. »

Guillaume TREMBLAY, Head of Operations

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