Legendre Energy carries out the maintenance and operation of the new head office of the Rouen (France) social landlord Habitat 76!

A sustainable building

Built by the Legendre Group, this mixed-use project of 11,000 m² houses the Habitat 76 headquarters called “Spatium” and two buildings with a total of 67 housings. Built under a Global Performance Contract (GPC), the building dedicated to the Habitat 76 teams has obtained the Passivhaus label (a European certification).

Optimised consumption thanks to Legendre Energy

Siège Habitat 76

Legendre Energy will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of the building for 10 years. To optimise its consumption, the teams will rely on the data provided by MaXim (Maintenance eXploitation bIM), a monitoring tool developed entirely by the Legendre Group’s engineering teams. This new technology allows to centralise consumption data to facilitate the management of buildings and optimise their use.