Legendre Energy will install a self-consumption solar power plant at Nantes’ “Cité des Congrès”

To cover its energy requirements, the Cité des Congrès will host a self-consumption solar power plant on its roof. By installing a facility on the roof of this building, Nantes Métropole is consistent with its “green” approach in the region. The advantage of this future installation is twofold: renovating the roof of this unique building and having full control over the annual energy consumption of Nantes’ Convention Centre. Legendre Energy was entrusted by Nantes Métropole with the construction of this 100 kWc facility, which will generate 105 MWh each year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of around fifty households (excluding heating). This facility will supply more energy that the building requires; surplus electricity will therefore be sold back to the grid. Work will begin in April 2020 and commissioning is scheduled for the third quarter of the year.