Multi-technical management of buildings

A team of experts for your buildings

Legendre Energy provides a range of multi-technical building operation and maintenance solutions tailored to the needs of all building owners, social housing providers, homeowner associations, property companies, etc.

The operation and maintenance of a building can account for up to 75% of the total cost of its life cycle, which is why these activities must be handled with care.

Maintenance des installations et équipements électriques

Growing challenges are posed by regulatory requirements in terms of energy savings, safety or the increased complexity of building equipment. Combined with the energy challenge, operation and maintenance services must factor in renewable energy production facilities.

Legendre Energy has the required certifications such as refrigerant handling or chimney sweeping to best meet your expectations.

Legendre Energy’s range of multi-technical maintenance solutions

With 10 years’ experience in the maintenance of power plants, Legendre Energy responds to the key operation and maintenance issues faced by property owners by controlling the energy bill, and to this end proposes a tailor-made offer:

  • Supply of energy or fuel (gas, electricity, etc.)
  • Maintenance and renewal of equipment:
    • Electrical and energy facilities: air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, heat pump
    • Electromechanical facilities: automatic doors, lifts
    • Heating facilities: gas, wood, cogeneration
  • The solution to finance work and renovation


For all its operations, Legendre Energy uses specific equipment, tailored to each type of service:

  • Thermal imaging camera and infrared thermometer
  • Flue gas analyser
  • Balancing case
  • Anemometer and Electronic pressure gauge
  • CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) and remote supervision


Prestations de maintenance multitechnique

Legendre Energy’s range of multi-technical operation solutions

In the form of direct operating contracts or contracts as part of new programmes (General contractor or DCOM – design construction operation/maintenance), Legendre Energy offers building operating contracts providing long-term support for the company’s clients:

  • 5-year contractual commitment to actual energy consumption (heating, DHW, ventilation system), under normal conditions of use of the building
  • Monitoring of the entire operation and Maintenance of the building by a sole provider
  • Training the residents in the proper use of the equipment
  • Reduction in consumption costs