Solar photovoltaic maintenance

Optimise your production by getting a professional to service your renewable energy facilities

No matter how long you spend on their maintenance and how much care you take, it is difficult to achieve the level of performance of an operation and maintenance professional on your own. With their expertise and equipment, they will contribute their know-how to make it future-proof and optimise its production.

Legendre Energy provides you with a comprehensive array of services for operating and maintaining your solar photovoltaic power plants, to preserve the profitability of your facility.

Legendre Energy’s objective is to optimise the solar production of every facility as well as the service life of the equipment.

Substantial experience in the photovoltaic sector

Legendre Energy has a team specialising in the solar photovoltaic sector operating all over France, which helps ensure a rapid response. Legendre Energy has 10 years’ experience in the photovoltaic industry, managing a client portfolio of more than 1,000 facilities and a total capacity of 150 MW.

Legendre Energy has all the certifications needed to safely and reliably maintain your generator: electrical accreditation, work at a height, aerial work platform aptitude, Quali’PV certificate, professional liability insurance, etc.

The company is recognised as a “Certified Partner” by the main manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and inverters, and performs regular work on brands such as REC, Sillia, QCells, KACO, SMA, FRONIUS, SOLARMAX, POWEROne, Systovi, etc.

Legendre Energy offers tailor-made interventions and 3 types of maintenance agreement:

  • Cleaning of solar facilities
  • Remote monitoring of the power plants
  • Technical inspection of the facilities

Cleaning of solar photovoltaic power plants

Nearly two thirds of the profitability of your photovoltaic power plant is determined within 5 months, as 64% of the total production takes place in spring and summer: your turnover can’t wait!

Nettoyage de panneaux photovoltaïques

Our services include:

  • Intervention adapted to the site’s configuration (slope, access, etc.)
  • Cleaning performed by a robot (with clear, demineralised water, without chemicals)
  • Specialised staff
  • Intervention report submitted after every intervention

Your benefits:

  • Production gain
  • Extended service life of your facility
  • Shock detection on your damaged panels

Supervision and remote monitoring of your photovoltaic facility

To meet your objectives and the specific characteristics of your solar power plant, Legendre Energy has come up with a complete range of remote monitoring and complementary services.

Supervision et télésurveillance de votre installation photovoltaïque

The remote monitoring of your facility ensures:

  • Real-time access to data
  • Data analysis
  • Performance calculation
  • Detection of malfunctions
  • Automatic production report
  • Preventive maintenance support

Your benefits:

  • Production data traceability
  • Greater data clarity in graphical form
  • A single platform to monitor all your sites

Annual technical inspection of your photovoltaic facility

Maintenance de panneaux solaires photovoltaïques

To guarantee your production and limit your risks, your photovoltaic power plant must be maintained. To meet your objectives and the specific characteristics of your solar power plant, Legendre Energy provides you with an annual technical inspection, guaranteeing:

  • the safety of people and your facility
  • efficient production
  • the preventive control of the solar photovoltaic power plant
  • the audit of the Q18 and Q19 certifications (APSAD protocol)