Collective self-consumption

Our collective self-consumption offer for local authorities

In 2018, the ministry of Ecological and inclusive transition published the Place au Soleil (Make way for solar energy) report, featuring a number of proposals to accelerate the development of collective self-consumption photovoltaic energy.

A self-consumption operation is deemed collective when one or more photovoltaic facilities are connected to the public grid and supply nearby consumers, whose energy requirements vary depending on their uses (residential, offices, etc.).

The most emblematic proposal in this report is the expanded scope of a collective self-consumption operation to a one kilometre radius.

This directive helps integrate a substantial number of consumers and create genuine local energy loops as part of a spatial planning policy. The operator of the solar power plant has the option of selling the electricity generated to all consumers within this 1 km loop.


Schéma autoconsommation collective


Legendre Energy has developed a turnkey collective self-consumption offer, allowing you to:

  • Use green electricity
  • Enhance your property assets by installing a solar power plant
  • Achieve your renewable energy development goals


Under this offer, Legendre Energy has implemented two financing options:

  • We invest for you: we bear the cost of the installation, work, operation and maintenance. You maintain your cash flow and we become your green energy provider.
  • You invest in your solar power plant: you become an energy provider and diversify your sources of income. You can entrust us with the operation and maintenance of your facility.


In both cases, Legendre Energy:

  • Carries out a land use analysis
    • Reviews solar production potential
    • Calculates electricity consumption and consumer needs
    • Positions the loops within the territory based on the location of the solar power plant
  • Develops the solar loop
    • Conducts technical studies: sizing of the power plant
    • Secures regulatory approvals
    • Submits grant application forms
  • Carries out work and commissioning
    • Installs the solar power plant
    • Connects the photovoltaic facility to the power grid